WordPress blows

April 28, 2009

(This is a post that worked perfectly on my BLOGGER site, but was a pain and a half on WordPress.)

I hate it when I try to explain to someone HOW to do something really easy, only to be thwarted by shitty technology or technology designed TOO complicatedly by shitty people.

Case in point… WORDPRESS… This is the blogging site that the InCity Times uses to post news stories.

The problem is that InCity was set up with this WordPress blog service that just isn’t easy enough for the non-web, non-coding person.

On Blogger, the blogging site I use to write what I’m writing right now, if I want to add a picture to this post, I just put in THIS simple code:

Well, you can’t SEE the code I just typed in. A picture just appeared.
I basically typed in: “” minus the _ and ” symbols. (and even trying to trick THIS stupid WordPress page thing with quotation marks and underscore symbols, I can’t even SHOW you the code I used that somehow miraculously worked this time around…)

That code says SEARCH for the IMAGE called “entropy_cartoon.jpg” in the folder called “incity” on the website “www.dsquared.org”. That’s it. Simple. Done. I even could specify the picture width of 300 pixels.

(I even tried to go BACK and edit the 300 pixels to 500 pixels and then the picture just wouldn’t show up at all. I put it back to 300 and things were fine again. Just to reiterate… WordPress SUCKS.)

But with WordPress… not easy at all.

I’ve tried following their instructions. I tried browsing on my computer for the specific image and uploading it into some wonky “image gallery” thing. I tried following the instructions for just using the URL / link code and it semi-works. But if you screw around with the way the picture is already sized or how WordPress wants to size the picture, then you’re screwed again and something goes terribly wrong.

So… I’ve basically condemned WordPress for just being plain old BAD because even the simplest of things, like adding a picture, can’t seemingly be done by a mere mortal.

Poor InCity was sold on this WordPress thing and now can’t afford to pay the designer who got her into WordPress to upload the cartoons or any other pictures for her. GOOD JOB, DESIGNER! You made it so that InCity has to pay or they get nothing. Supposedly, the designer explained how to upload pictures, but obviously not well enough… OR the designer realized just how freakin’ complicated WordPress is and threw up her arms in defeat like I did when I just tried to teach InCity how to do what should be really simple.

I HATE when people deliberately make the simple complicated. Life is too fucking short for all this screwing around.

So, as things stand… MAYBE the designer will be contacting me to tell me how to post pictures using WordPress.

I went so far as to start my own WordPress blog to try to upload pictures and failed numerous times and I’m NOT STUPID. I do all the code for my own stupid website and there are no real tricks to it – plain old HTML code. Any web designer worth anything could look at the code that makes up my site and EASILY see how it’s constructed.

But WordPress sucks. Too complicated. Ugh…


April 28, 2009

April 28, 2009